About Maryam

Hey, Hello, Hi! To My Online BFF…

I’m Maryam

A Full-time working lady, Writer, Author and maybe a good soul who loves to help others through self-experiences.

I love to hang out a lot, love to cook yummy dishes every day and I love to find joy in little things whether it’s the smell of my daily coffee or the softest pastry with the perfect amount of frosting. 

I believe that sadness can’t touch me easily as I love a simply organized life. And a cup of perfect espresso can heal my mental disturbance anytime!

Anyway, I would love to share with you my journey as a blogger & professional chef. When I was 21, I found myself more interested in organizing my home and kitchen with perfection. I searched for the best utensils, best cooking tools and many more….

At that age, I frequently prepared myself to become a great chef and an expert to find out which kitchen tool can make our daily cooking, cleaning and living life easier. Besides that, I’m leading an international content team in my workplace.

Being the world’s biggest busy soul, I get home after work and still feel the need to do more, create more, and make more every day. And this usually pushes my mind to spend another quality time in the kitchen!

My Mission

✅ A Healthy living and getting a life with the best accessories that your sweet modern kitchen needs more

✅ Assist you with the best kitchen tips and tricks from my professional experiences

✅ I will fuel your happiness with the great living that you enjoy in your everyday life!

✅ And much more………..

Kitchen Is My Blissful Place

When I was a little girl, I chose a food network as more interesting than a cartoon network.

Funny right?

After getting into a growing stage, my mom always gets suggestions from me before buying a single piece of kitchen accessories. As I am always careful and find out which is useful and which purchase is going to be a waste, she gives my opinion more priority than another fam mem!

After my graduation, I’m living with my husband. In my place, I got the same priority that my mom also gave me. And I have to handle each and every piece of little things.

When I get back to my home, trust me I literally start to clean my kitchen, organize the utensils, place the cookware in the right place and then I feel yes! Now I’m ready to prep the yummy foods for my starving tummy.

How I Get Started With Handy Finding

A very long story! But I would happily move with the shortest life story of mine!

2 years ago I found my life wasn’t as easy as it looks right now.

I was a bit depressed about my life.

It wasn’t that organized, got rejected from too many interviews and what next?

I literally spent my 6 months in a poor loop. Eat-Sleep-Gossip-Repeat!

But I always had a great habit of cooking my own food. And I love collecting kitchen accessories when I visit any kitchen accessory store.

One more good habit that I cherished is reading blogs and articles of my favorite bloggers. 

All of a sudden I was involved with a project to work and I was busy with a long day. I couldn’t manage enough time for myself.

I realized that I have to do something for myself and I have to help others who need me!

And from that positive thought which continuously hovered in my mind pushed me hard to start my journey as a lifetime author.

Eventually, I decide to work the rest of my life with positivity, and mindful thoughts and make bonding with the good soul who already found me as their best guide for happy living.

My hope is to help get your life a little more organized and a whole lot prettier whether it’s maintaining your kitchen or accessories in a proper way or being stuck with a crazy life!


“Right One Can Be too Handy To Find
For The Right Place”