Top 5 Best Omelet Makers in 2022

The omelet, this light, and fluffy egg creation is filled with wonderful delights cooked to perfection and served amongst other breakfast options. Sounds simple right? Well, ask anyone who has ever attempted to make one, and you may be surprised by their disastrous tale of a breakfast fail.

What if there was an easier way to make one of these delicious concoctions? Omelet pans have been around for quite some time, but do they really work? Can that split in half pan help you become a true omelet master?

There is quite a variety of these pans available, and they come with options. Yes, I said options and am referring to a cooking pan. In this review, we are taking a look at the different types of omelet pans and giving you the flipping details to help you choose the best pan for your omelet making supremacy in the kitchen.

Top 5 Best Omelet Makers Reviews in 2022

1. Iwacha 410-556 Large Omelet Pan– Best Overall

This omelet pan gets the top spot because the manufacturer has paid attention to the details. Although a traditional omelet pan that looks like a typical frying pan, this one has a few modifications that are designed for making omelets.

This pan has shallow, easily sloping sides that help you get your spatula a the best possible angle to flip the omelet without tearing it up and allows you to slide the omelet out of the pan in a smooth motion. The surface is considered non-stick, and the pans cast iron material will evenly distribute heat, allowing you to make a perfect omelet with little risk of undercooking or burning.

This pan is made of cast iron and can go from stovetop to oven with no worry of melting the handle.

  • A wide shallow shape designed for omelets
  • The handle is part of the pan, making it easier to clean
  • The specially designed handle is heat resistant and won’t burn your hands
  • The pan is made of cast iron and will last a lifetime
  • Cast iron can pose some cooking challenges for some
  • The pan may be a bit heavy
  • This pan is fairly expensive
  • Cast iron is not recommended to go in the dishwasher

2. Calphalon Contemporary Omelet Pan- A Close Second Place

This is another traditional omelet pan design, but it is a non-stick surface and at its core, is a hard-anodized aluminum base. The wide base of this pan helps distribute an even heat, and the non-stick surface is very user-friendly.

The stainless-steel handle improves the longevity of the pan and allows it to be used on the stovetop and in the oven.

  • This pan can go in the dishwasher for easy clean-up
  • The surface is three-layers for durability
  • This pan features a stainless-steel handle
  • It is made of hardened aluminum and is lighter than a cast iron pan
  • If you register the pan and follow the directions provided, the pan comes with a lifetime warranty
  • It is a bit expensive
  • You can scratch the non-stick surface if you are not careful
  • You can void the lifetime warranty easily

3. NordicWare Italian Frittata and Omelet Pan – Top Choice in a Split-Pan

Getting away from a traditional pan style but remaining on the stovetop heating this NordicWare split omelet pan will give you quality results.  The non-stick surface helps to ensure the best possible results, and the spit sides make it easier to cook both sides of your egg mixture evenly.

You may find this type of pan easier to use and get consistent results with if you are more of an amateur chef or weekend warrior cook. This pan will fold in half for easy storage and is made of aluminum to help reduce the overall weight.

  • The design may be easier for some to use
  • The handle will not get hot
  • This pan has a non-stick surface to help reduce the chances of your egg mixture sticking
  • This pan is very light in weight
  • It cannot be used in the oven
  • Some complaints that its non-stick surface allows eggs to stick
  • Might be a bit overpriced when compared to other split pans

4. Tramontina 8” Omelet Pan – A Good Affordable Omelet Pan

This is a heavy gauge aluminum omelet pan with a non-stick cook surface. It is designed for even heating and durable enough to last. The pan features a stainless-steel handle with a removable comfort grip so that this pan can go from stovetop to oven.

This pan has a smooth brushed aluminum exterior surface, and the handle is attached without having interior rivets, and it is easier to keep clean.

  • This pan is affordable
  • There are no interior rivets to catch food
  • The aluminum base helps keep this omelet pan lightweight
  • It has the new PHOA free non-stick surface
  • It is not compatible with induction heating surfaces
  • There are complaints that the non-stick coating is not as durable as some other pans
  • This omelet pan is on the smaller side at only 8”

5. Holstein Housewares Omelet Maker – Top Electric Omelet Maker

The electric type of omelet pans like this one do things a bit differently, and you will not get a traditional-looking omelet from one of these pans.  This omelet maker will make two omelets at once and features a non-stick surface to help make clean up easier.

The power source is electric, and this makes this pan usable away from a standard stovetop. For a beginner, this may be the best pan to help you get consistent quality results.

  • It can be used even if you don’t have access to a stovetop
  • You can make two different types of omelets at the same time
  • You don’t have to flip the omelet
  • It is very affordable
  • Will not produce a typical looking omelet
  • It can be a bit tougher to clean as you cannot submerge the pan in water
  • Some complaints about the non-stick surface being a bit overrated

Things to Consider Before You Buy an Omelet Pan

Remember those options I mentioned earlier? Well, this is where you will decide what you need in your omelet pan.

What Type of Omelet Pan Do You Want?

There are options in this area, and they include the everyday frying pans you already own. Using this type of pan will require you to have a bit of skill, but you can turn out an awesome traditional omelet.

The split pan is designed to make omelets by flipping the omelet pan over to cook the other side of the omelet. This pan design is available in both a stovetop version and a microwave one, as well.

A traditional omelet pan has shallow and sloping sides that help with the folding and plating of the omelet other than that it will look like a standard frying pan.

Then there is the type of omelet pan that has a heat source on both the top and bottom and cooks your egg mixture from both sides at the same time.

What Type of Heat Source Will Cook the Omelet With?

There are a variety of options in this department, including a microwave version. You can choose a stovetop model or an electric pan, as well. See Options.

You can choose the best heat source for you and your kitchen space. You may also feel more comfortable with a particular heat source or in using your microwave as a time saver.

Whatever you prefer, there is an omelet pan that will fit your needs.

What Size Omelet Pan Do You Need?

Although you could view this as a minimal detail or option, it is an important one. A large omelet pan will make it difficult if you only want to make a two or three-egg omelet.  Choose an omelet pan that is small, and you will need to make multiple omelets if you have company. See why this can be an important option?

No one wants to burn their omelet due to the size of the pan and making multiple omelets can pose issues with breakfast timing, and someone may get a somewhat cold breakfast.

There are newer style press pans that can accommodate two omelets at a time, and a large omelet in a traditional pan can easily feed two people.

Do You Want Your Omelet to Look Like a Diner Omelet?

Let me explain; an omelet you get at the diner for breakfast is folded over and contains the majority of the ingredients inside like an envelope of eggs around a pocket of goodness. This is achieved with the use of a frying pan and folding the eggs over the mixture.

Some of the newer omelet pans do not produce this type of omelet, and it will not be a folded egg creation but more like stuffed eggs. Still delicious but not quite the same if you are looking for that restaurant-style omelet at home.

Does the Pan Have a Non-Stick Coating?

I know that there is controversy surrounding the non-stick coatings used on all pans, but they really do help reduce what your cooking from sticking to the pan.

Choosing an omelet pan with a good non-stick surface will help you produce a better omelet. If you consider all omelets are made of eggs and most contain cheese, you can see why a non-stick surface will help you turn out a better-looking omelet.

If you have an abundance of kitchen skills, you may choose to go with either a cast iron or stainless-steel pan and forego the non-stick coating type of pans altogether.

TIP: A low price on a non-stick pan often means that the coating will not last.

How Heavy is the Omelet Pan?

The Thickness and material the pan is made of can affect it’s cooking ability. Some metals distribute and hold heat better than others, and a thick pan will take longer to heat up but will remain hot for a longer time than a thin one will and vice versa on the thin pan.

A heavier pan will be more of a weight to tote around and flip and lift, and if you have problems with your hands or wrists may make using them uncomfortable to use. However, a heavy pan will probably be much more durable than a thin pan.

You will notice a large difference in the weight of a cast-iron pan vs an aluminum pan and a stainless-steel pan will fall somewhere in between.

The Handle

You need your pan not only be the correct weight but also have a comfortable handle. Every pan has a different handle on it in size, shape, and even design. You need to find the best fit for your hand and keep in mind some materials are easier to keep clean and won’t break with wear.


Selecting an omelet pan is a personal choice, as you will know best what you can and cannot do as far as cooking. You also know your wants and needs as far as kitchen space and your microwaving abilities.

Some of the newer style omelet pans can also produce things like grilled sandwiches and other tasty treats, so you will want to explore all the options before you make a final selection.

Consider learning to make an omelet as an upgrade in your kitchen skills, and you will open up a whole new world of delicious eggy combinations. A newer omelet pan may not make a traditional fold-over style omelet, but you won’t be able to taste the difference.

No matter your choice of omelet pan, get cracking on some eggs and get creative with the ingredients you won’t be sorry.