10 Best Easy Chicken Breast Recipes for Dinner

Chicken breast is affordable and an excellent source of lean protein—making it a popular choice for dinner. In fact, chicken recently surpassed beef in popularity as increasing numbers of consumers are seeking healthier and less expensive options for their primary protein source.

Despite its reputation as being “bland” and “boring,” chicken breast is incredibly versatile—with a variety of ways to cook it (grilling, frying, broiling, roasting) and countless marinades, rubs, and sauces.

Chicken can dry out if overcooked. To reach the recommended temperature of 165° F without going over, follow these general guidelines.

  1. If grilling: 6 to 8 minutesper side if the chicken is over direct heat, 10 to 12 minutesper side if the chicken is over indirect heat.
  2. If baking or roasting in the oven: Approximately 20 to 30 minutesat 375° F.
  3. If sautéing on the stovetop: Approximately2 minutesper side on high heat and 4 to 6 minutes per side on medium or low heat.
  4. If deep frying: Approximately 8 to 12 minutesin 350° – 365°Foil.

10 Best Easy Chicken Breast Recipes for Dinner

10 Best Easy Chicken Breast Recipes for Dinner

Below are a variety of chicken recipes that burst with flavor and are easy to prepare. Be sure to bookmark this page, so you can come back and try them all.

1. Hawaiian Chicken and Pineapple

Whether you’re dreaming of a Hawaiian vacation in the middle of winter or craving a tropical getaway during the dog days of summer, this recipe brings the taste of the Hawaiian Islands to your kitchen whenever you need it.

The sweet and tangy chicken pairs perfectly with the caramelized brown sugar pineapple—making it the next best thing to an island getaway.

2. Curried Mango Chicken

Want to make Indian food but feel intimidated? Well, don’t be nervous any longer! This easy recipe takes 35 minutes to cook and is ideal for novice cooks because it relies on curry paste for the spice.

Depending on your tastes, you can increase the heat by using a different curry paste. Another option is to use fresh mango rather than mango chutney.

Home cooks raved about the dish’s bold and satisfying flavor. Serve it with rice or naan for a filling and fragrant dinner.

3. Coconut Lime Chicken

Do you remember the Harry Nilsson song “Coconut” that says “Put the lime in the coconut, and you’ll feel better”? Well, you might want to play that song while cooking this recipe, which combines colorful limes with coconut milk to create a creamy (but dairy-free!) sauce.

Home cooks found the chicken paired well with mushroom basmati rice and various vegetables, such as green beans, cauliflower, and broccoli. Prep time is only 25 minutes.

4. Healthy Quinoa Stuffed Chicken Roll-Ups

If you’re looking for a light and healthy dinner, consider this recipe, which combines whole grains, vegetables, and proteins in one dish. With 112 calories, 3 grams of fat, 15 grams of protein, and 5 carbs, this recipe is a dieter’s dream!

The feta cheese complements the steamed vegetables, and lemon zest adds a burst of citrusy flavor. The recipe includes variations (turkey instead of chicken) and substitutions (asparagus in place of broccoli).

Although the recipe has plenty of flavor on its own, you can also add a honey mustard drizzle by combining one tablespoon of Greek yogurt with one teaspoon honey, one teaspoon yellow mustard, and one teaspoon water.

5. Spice-Rubbed Grilled Chicken

Combining a spice rub with a sweet glaze of honey and red wine vinegar, this flavorful recipe balances sweet and spice and is sure to become a family favorite. Preparation couldn’t be any easier—it takes only 10 minutes to prep and 10 minutes to cook.

This versatile recipe is ideal for grilling (either outdoors or indoors) or broiling. The recipe includes an adaptation if you’d prefer to use chicken thighs.

6. Instant Pot Pulled Chicken

The Instant Pot is all the rage right now, so the Food Network created a recipe for pulled chicken designed explicitly for an Instant Pot. This kid-friendly recipe calls for hamburger buns, but one reviewer served it in flour tortillas.

One home cook felt the recipe was a good “base” and suitable for younger children, but the heat could be easily be spiced up for adults by adding extra cumin, chili powder, and hot sauce.

7. 15-Minute Honey Garlic Chicken

This recipe grabbed you with the 15 minutes, didn’t it? After all, who doesn’t want a fast, easy and flavorful chicken recipe when they’re pressed for time?

With just five ingredients, the sauce is the star of this dish. The recipe author says “I literally eat it from the pan with the spoon.” What makes it so irresistible? It’s the combination of sweet honey, salty soy sauce, spicy red pepper flakes, and a kick of garlic. Plus, if you overcook the chicken, the sauce hides a multitude of sins.

Combine it with rice and veggies for a yummy and filling meal.

8. Tart Cranberry Chicken

Perfect for autumn, this recipe features a tart red sauce that has a cinnamon-like flavor. Designed to be served over a bed of warm rice, cooks who prepared this recipe raved about how well the cranberries combined with the chicken—even small children asked for seconds.

One variation is to substitute chicken broth for water, raspberry vinaigrette for apple cider vinegar, and Craisins instead of cranberries. You could also use pork chops instead of chicken if you prefer “the other white meat.”

9. The Best Almond Chicken Recipe

Looking for a keto or paleo diet chicken recipe that is crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside? This almond chicken recipe gives you the crunch you’re looking for in a chicken tender or nugget but without the breading or frying.

The author recommends using a food processor to prepare the almond coating to get the right consistency, but you could also use a mallet. This simple recipe is sure to find a place in your regular rotation as it is kid-friendly too.

10. Baked Spinach Provolone Chicken Breasts

Stuffed chicken breasts may seem fancy and something reserved for restaurants, but this easy recipe doesn’t take long to prepare, tastes delicious, and combines healthy veggies with protein.

Cooks who tried the recipe raved about the taste and came up with variations, such as adding halved grape tomatoes or fresh diced tomatoes to give it a “bruschetta” like flavor. (Some removed the spinach altogether and replaced it with tomatoes.)

Although the recipe is for two servings, it can easily be doubled to serve a family of four.


With bold and creative flavors, these chicken breast recipes are sure to amaze and delight your family. Hopefully, a few will find place on your dinner table night after night.

Best of all, each one is a snap to prepare—freeing you up to enjoy dinner with your loved ones without spending hours in the kitchen. Bon Appetit!