Kitchen Essentials: Top 9 Composite Granite Sink Cleaners and Restoration Kit

Top 9 Composite Granite Sink Cleaners and Restoration Kit

If you own a composite granite sink then you’re the luckiest one to beautify your kitchen, at the same time you owned something durable addition to your kitchen.

Granite composite sinks provide a gorgeous alternative to traditional stainless steel or any ceramic sinks. It is undoubtedly a fantastic addition to the modern kitchen.

However, proper care and maintenance are essential when it comes to keeping your granite composite kitchen sink in prime condition.

The best way to avoid the need to ‘Deep clean’ your composite sink to remove any strains is to clean it regularly after every use.

Basic cleansing can save your granite sink from much harm but most of the time the granite sinks start to rotten because of water or tough stains, use of abrasive materials and harsh chemicals, inappropriate maintenance and much more.

Everything you need to restore a granite composite sink is to use the best quality composite granite sink cleaners and restoration kit that can protect your sink and give a refreshed look, polished surface and better performance for a long time.

Maintaining a kitchen properly can make people happy to spend quality kitchen time too. So, we should keep our surrounded objects in the kitchen more clean and fresh that even leads us to maintain a fresh cook.

From here I’ll show you how and which product can help you to keep your kitchen sink clean and restore your composite granite sink to make it more durable to use every day. I’ve selected some best Granite cleaners and restoration kits that may help anybody to keep a tip-top kitchen condition.

9 Greatest Composite Granite Sink Cleaner and Restoration Kit Review

1. Weiman Granite and Stone Daily Clean

Weiman Granite and Stone Daily Clean

Weiman Granite and Stone Daily Clean is the best granite cleaner to prolong the life of your counters. It Effortlessly lifts dirt, soil, grease, and grime to reveal the beauty of your brand-new stone surfaces.

These granite cleaner wipes should not be used in place of regular, thorough granite cleaning. Most users find them useful for slight touch, but they are impractical to use as your sole cleaning product.

Wiping with a decent amount of this cleaner can easily kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria on the hard, non-porous surfaces including granite, marble, limestone, sealed slate and glazed tile.

It is totally safe to use on all hard surfaces, including marble and granite. Weiman has developed cleaning products that go beyond a better cleaning to beautify and protect your granite surfaces.

If you have never used this before, then you should have a try on this product as it can fulfil your all needs. Even I use it regularly for my kitchen.


  • The new disinfecting formula kills 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria
  • Clean, shine, & disinfect all hard, non-porous surfaces in your home
  • Effortlessly lift dirt, soil, grease, and grime to reveal the beauty of your brand-new stone surfaces
  • Removes grease, soil, stains and watermarks easily
  • Safe to use in granite, marble, quartz, onyx, travertine, limestone, slate, laminate, ceramic, porcelain, tile and any non-porous hard surface


  • It has a mild scent that kind of smells nice while you are cleaning, but fades fairly quickly

2. Rock Doctor “Natural” Granite Cleaner

Rock Doctor Natural Granite CleanerThe Rock Doctor Granite Cleaner removes grease and grime without leaving behind any residue or streaks. Rock Doctor Granite Cleaner does not contain any harsh chemicals, unlike other cleaners.

Because it is non-acidic and non-abrasive, it is suitable for granite, marble, quartz, and other sealed natural or cultured stone surfaces. It can also be used on stainless steel appliances.

Using Rock Doctor Granite Cleaner is easy and it is safe enough to use daily.

This cleaner is specially designed to clean and renew all types of stone surfaces. Now available in a pH neutral, non-toxic natural formula to effectively remove grease, juice and many other spills on your stone surfaces.

Its pH neutral formula will not harm sealants applied to your stone surface.


  • It has the non-abrasive formula
  • Using this spray will not harm the seal on the stone
  • This cleaner is fully safe to use on granite
  • Perfect for everyday quick cleaning
  • Safely removes grease, grime, watermarks and other stubborn dirt


  • This product doesn’t work on mold and mildew

3. Granite Gold Daily Cleaner Spray Value Pack

Granite Gold Daily Cleaner Spray Value PackMaintaining our kitchen is sometimes too tough and removing etch, dull spots on marble, granite, and countertops is always hard. Dealing with this is another level of struggle. Even sometimes it is hard to find better solutions to get a clean space.

Granite Gold Daily Cleaner Spray Value Pack can help you easily removes spills and soils, leaving a streak-free finish and a light citrus scent.

This value pack includes a 24-ounce spray bottle and a 64-ounce refill.

If you’re looking for a superior cleaner to preserve and protect the beauty and durability of your composite granite sink then this restoration kit and solution is safe to use and it deeply cleans the dirt from the surface.


  • This solution is suitable for pre-sealed granite
  • Formulated for use on all-natural stone surfaces
  • Can remove old water strain from light granite


  • Doesn’t work better on honed quartz

4. Soft Scrub All-Purpose Cleaner Gel

Soft Scrub All-Purpose Cleaner GelThis product works really well in removing stains from my kitchen and bathroom counters, sinks, and toilets.

The texture is similar to a paste of baking soda, with a slight grittiness but nothing that’s ever scratched or marred countertops or any granite sink.

It has a nice fresh scent to it that is not too strong or overwhelming.

Soft scrub cleaner is a high-performance cleaner for granite and this product is Orthodox Union certified Kosher.


  • Perfect for removing stains from quartz countertops without damaging the surface.
  • The amount of bleach in the product is at a level that doesn’t discolour under normal use
  • The non-abrasive formula cleans most surfaces including bathtubs, countertops, showers, sinks, stovetops, tiles, and granite sink
  • Deeply clean grout lines
  • Bleach Scent Fades Fast
  • Kills Most Dangerous Bacteria
  • Cleans Stubborn Baked On, Dried On Food


  • It May harm some surfaces, though it works well in removing fabric stains (like a bleach pen, but much cheaper) – on white clothes only or on fabric that can handle bleach.
  • Needs Hard Shaking Before Use

5. Hope’s Perfect Sink Cleaner and Polish

Hope's Perfect Sink Cleaner and PolishHope’s Perfect Sink cleaner is a great type of gentle cleanser that keeps your composite granite sink shining, polishes, and protects in one easy step allowing you to clean your sink more quickly and efficiently.

It quickly restores a sink like-new condition and after washing it gives a fresh lemon essence scent to your kitchen area.

This cleanser can help you removes tough stains including water spots and rust stains. It won’t scratch the surface of your granite sink and adds a perfectly mind-blowing shine to it.

It treats better to the multi-surface like- stainless steel, cast iron, Corian, acrylic, composite and vitreous china, so this one is really helpful not even for your kitchen composite granite sink but you also can use this to clean your other home sinks easily.


  • Add shine polish after wash
  • Give like-new shine to your sink
  • Blew a fresh lemon essence scent
  • Remove tough stains and watermark
  • Keeps your sink cleaner for longer by creating a water repellent barrier
  • You can use it as a multi-surface sink cleaner
  • 3 easy steps Clean, Rub-Rinse-Dry
  • Removes scratches on Granite and Quartz


  • Take a few minutes to clean the surface comparing others

6. Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner Spray

Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Cleaner SprayMrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner is a quick and easy multi-surface spray that can easily remove stains and dirt from composite granite sink. It is absolutely a great multi-purpose cleaning solution that can use to clean countertops, stone sinks, floors, walls and more.

The texture is liquidy and this solution contains special ingredients of garden-fresh lemon verbena essential oil which is so refreshing in smell.

Though it’s a multi-purpose solution, you shouldn’t have to use this on clothes, fabrics, leather, vinyl or linen.

Simply spray the cleaner on the surface and wipe it out with a soft, clean towel to get a shiny look.


  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Takes only 10 minutes to clean the surface
  • Safe for Septic systems
  • Smells Nice
  • It produces cruelty-free cleaners
  • Made with plant-based cleaning ingredients


  • It does not offer the anti-bacterial benefits
  • Not that much safe to use this product on unsealed natural stone

7. Stone Care International Granite Cleaner

Stone Care International Granite CleanerMany household cleaners, such as vinegar, window cleaners, dishwashing detergents, abrasive cleaners, abrasive cleaning instruments, and acidic cleaners, can dull or damage your composite granite surfaces.

But using a professional-grade cleanser like stone care can fulfil all of your stone cleaning needs. It provides a more thorough clean and lifting out tough dirt.

This product is designed specifically for stone so it won’t damage or harm the surface. Using this high-quality granite cleaner can maintain your stone surfaces for years and years.


  • Safely removes dirt, stains and grease
  • Doesn’t leave any streak mark
  • Safe dor food contact surface
  • Safe for everyday use
  • Penetrating the pores and fissures of the stone
  • It is pH neutral, ammonia and phosphate-free
  • It has a smudge-free formula that allows safe cleaning


  • Not that fancy, work as an average cleaner

8. TriNova Granite Care Bundle

TriNova Granite Care BundleTrinova Granite Care Bundle is intense enough to clean up the mess in the kitchen while also supplementing the seal on your stone, preventing stains from penetrating the surface. It works great as a “Granite Guard”.

After wiping away gunk, dirt, oils, and other messes with this strongest cleaner, it leaves a mirror-like shine overall the sink.

Rubbing a mild amount with a clean towel for a few minutes, your granite will be fully protected after 1 hour.

TriNova is specially designed for the stone and it cleans effectively without having any damage. TriNova’s Granite Sealer & Protectant offers a premium sealant and caring solution for your premium stone surfaces, including marble.

You can protect your kitchen counters or granite countertops while enhancing the natural look with a simple spray-and-wipe application.

Trinova, to me, has absolutely the most top-notch products on the market. The cleaner has a nice light scent and does a great job for everyday cleaning. It’s a great product for regular sealing, keeping the counters protected, smooth, and shiny.

This bundle contains 2 items

  • Granite Sealer & Protector which is the Best Stone Polish, Protectant & Care Product
  • TriNova Granite Cleaner and Polish for Daily Use and this one is great to enhance shines on sink & countertop


  • Specially Designed For Granite and stone
  • It’s pH neutral so it won’t wear out your sealant
  • Leaves an attractive shine on any stone surface
  • Within 1 hour of spray, your granite sink will be protected
  • Allow advanced-action stain protection


  • If you have larger cracks in the granite, this sealant is not thick enough to fill the gaps.
  • Doesn’t remove stains from leathered granite

9. HIMG Surface Restoration Kit

HIMG Surface Restoration KitA professional surface repair kit that can repair your composite granite sink and the countertop easily and it can make the surface durable for the longest period.

This product is absolutely another level to fixing dings, deep scratches and chips in countertops, granite, bathtubs and other surfaces. Any chips, nicks, deep gouges and holes can be repaired with Light Cure Acrylic Surface Repair Kits.

It is totally non-toxic formula, odourless and safe for food prep areas. This unique formula gives a high-quality repair in minutes.


  • Easy to use
  • Works great on granite, marble and quartz
  • Fix Edge Damages on Granite Countertops
  • works best on nicks, chips and deep scratches, depending on the depth of the chip


  • Can’t fix a large depth pit

Thinks You Need To Avoid On Granite Composite Sink

Even though there are some things you should do to keep your granite composite sink in excellent condition, the list of things not to do is arguably more important.

The list below outlines some of the things we recommend you avoid doing in order to keep your sink in good working order.

  • When cleaning your sink, it’s important not to use anything abrasive.
  • Harsh chemicals can damage the colour and leave your sink looking far worse than before. So never use any harsh. cleaner on your composite sink.
  • Don’t leave the wet sponges in the sink.
  • Avoid leaving Food Stains To Sit including fruit juice, tea, coffee stains.

Best Tips to Keep Your Granite Composite Sink Clean

Most homeowners find it difficult to clean a granite composite sink properly and the hardest thing is to clean it every day. But it is really important to keep it clean every day in a simple way and this takes only a few minutes to take better care of your Granite Composite Sink.

Isn’t it better to take a few minutes to maintain than stay with a broken, unhygienic and with a dirt sink?

Here are the 5 simple steps to keep it clean every day-

  • Clear the Sink
  • Use Hot water and Mild cleaner to Scrub the Sink
  • Scrub the Sink gently
  • Rinse with Warm Water
  • Take a paper towel or soft cloth and wipe it dry