How To Clean Outside Of Le Creuset Cookware

I’ve been using my most-loved Le Creuset pan for years and I can’t explain the feelings of how much I love to cook food in it.

I use it more than any other pan or pot.

After using 3 to 4 months, the surface has some stains and I thought I shouldn’t use that anymore.

For more than 1 month I didn’t use that pan at all and suddenly I asked myself isn’t there any solution to clean that hard stains? I should know how to clean outside of Le Creuset cookware?

Le Creuset is one renowned cookware for its durability and beauty. For that reason, most chefs and homemakers love to use them. This type of cookware is perfect for any kitchen.

All we know is a simple and basic cleaning process for every type of cookware.

Take soapy water, rub the surface with cleaner and wash it off with water.

Not all cookware can be clean with this process, there is something more that you should know to maintain your cookware.

Le Creuset is one of the popular choices for foodies and those who love to cook special foods on some special pan or pots.

But sometimes cleaning those pans or pots is so hard and the hardest part is to remove the stains inside and outside of the pan.

You have to take time to clean them and something they deserve pampers cleaning just like your monthly or weekly pamper for yourself.

In this article, I’ll discuss all the easiest and most effective cleaning tips for Le Creuset enamelled cast iron cookware. I hope that will be the best investment instead of throwing your old pan!

Before getting into the cleaning tricks I want to share with all of you something more important. 

Though cleaning is the main part what should you avoid or what you should follow is another crucial portion of using something in your life.

Don’t Ruin Your Enameled Le Creuset Cookware

You will find colorful Le Creuset cookware in stores and is designed to use for a lifetime.

But without proper care, the enamel coating on the pot and pans can peel off easily. If your pan gets this peeled position then it can be unusable.

Maintaining the beauty of your Le Creuset for years and years can be possible if you follow some basic guidelines.  

I’ll show you how you can maintain the proper care for your Le Creuset pan or pot.

  1. Clean Before First use:  A new piece of pan or pot can hold lots of germs and dirt. After unpacking your pan you should clean it with soapy water or hot water.
  2. Choose Correct Utensils: This is one of the most important things you need to know if you cook in your enamelled Le Creuset cookware. When cooking your food in cast iron cookware avoid using metal utensils on the surface. They can easily keep scratching and damage the enamel coating. That can surely ruin your pan or pots. I would love to recommend you use wooden or silicone spatulas. They are safe to use iron cast iron cookware.
  3. Let your pan cool before washing: It is always preferable to cool down your cookware first after cooking anything inside. Then wash them with cleaner or hot water. Otherwise, that may ruin the surface or the outside of the cookware. Even if Le Creuset is durable but heat shock may harm the surface anytime.
  4. Wash off the Food Waste Before Getting It Dry: Never keep your cookware unwashed for days. Most importantly do not do this with your cast iron pans. It is so difficult to clean the surface. Sometimes it dried into a crust.

Correct Way to Clean Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron

Le Creuset enameled cast iron is so helpful to cook that you don’t need to pre-seasoned it anymore. 

It’s ready to cook on the grill, oven or hob in a few minutes.

Though the surface will fade after use and it will be even more non-stick as time goes by. 

To clean Enamel cast-iron you can use old soap and scrub the surface smoothly.

Don’t skip the part to clean all [arts of cast iron like- handles, knob and lids. Make sure you clean every part of the pans.

At very first scrub the food particles that are stuck on the surface. If that particle gets hard to remove, then use hot water.

Soak it for 10-15 minutes in hot water and then wash off the particles with tap water.

The results will speak for themselves. 

As I said Le Creuset is one of the best brands and they made the best quality cookware, You don’t need to worry more about it.

How to Clean Outside of Le Creuset Cookware

Inside le Creuset cookware is very easy to clean but when you are cleaning the outside, that can be a tough job.

The ceramic coating on the outside is more sensitive and you should not use any harmful or abrasive cleaner on it. 

That can damage the outside and make stains that would not reduce any more.

Be very very gentle when cleaning the outside of your pan or pots.

You can’t scrub the outside with a hard scrubber and rubbing is also harmful to it.

Use liquid, paste or powder that is gentle on the surface and use only Le Creuset’s approved cleaner or clothes as recommended.

I use Le Creuset Biologischer Reiniger which is really best to clean the outside of the pan. Also, it has a nylon brush that saves the surface without keeping scratches.

Storing Tips of Le Creuset Cookware: Special Tips

Scratches can ruin the beauty of your Le Creuset cooking pot of pans. 

You should make a separate space where you store all of your cookware and only store the Le Creuset set there.

Don’t forget to use some high-quality protectors between lids and pots that won’t damage the beauty or material of your pan and pots.

How Long A Le Creuset Cookware Last?

I always say that an object can last longer depending on our uses. 

Le Creuset guarantees that it can last a lifetime. But truth is that nothing lasts forever.

The more you care about a thing, the more it can last. With the right technique and patience, you have to deal with your favorite cookware.

This cookware will become your heart of the kitchen trust me!

Final Thought

Le Creuset is gorgeous and beautiful cookware which is a great version for food lovers and those who love to cook in beautiful cookware.

In your modern kitchen, it can add an outstanding vibe and home chefs usually prefer to use it more than any other cooking pan. The reason this cookware is loved by everyone is just because of its luxurious finishing.

Just make sure you are caring for your cookware the best as similarly as your nice plant, they will beautify your place and yummy foods for so long!