Easy and Helpful Way of How to Clean Vintage Aluminum Cookware

Some great kitchen memories are about to disappear from us! Aluminum cookware is one of them.

I still can remember my mom cooking our food on aluminum pots and pans which was more convenient at that time.

Anyway, you can still find good-quality aluminum cookware from some stores that still know the benefits and value of this material.

Aluminum cookware is lightweight compared to others, even though they are fairly inexpensive.

While aluminum cooking pots and pans are lightweight, thus it is very easy to clean this type of cookware without any hassle.

However, cleaning dishes can be fun if you know the proper way to clean the material by following the proper steps.

If you have this idea or not, a non-stick pan should clean with great care. The downside of this type of pan can clean with baking soda but you can’t use the same ingredient to clean inside the pot. If you do this, it will discolor and become worst forever.

Thus the material should treat with its nature. As aluminum is used as daily cookware, you need to know the cleaning possibilities that keep it durable for a long time.

So, how to clean vintage aluminum cookware easily and effortlessly to keep it in great condition?

Those who are looking for quick, easy and safest aluminum cookware cleaning hacks, Check the below steps that are natural and harmless for your cookware.

How to Clean Vintage Aluminum Cookware

Aluminum Cookware Cleaning Hacks: Trouble-free & Safe

The cleaning product that we purchase from the market to clean our pots and pans can be dangerous as the chemical they commonly use in the cleaner find out toxic.

Cleaning aluminum cookwares are sensitive. Sometimes the risky cleaner can harm the cookware that we never expect.

I hope the below-cleaning trick can help you to clean your aluminum cookware without the use of harmful products.

Day-to-Day Care

Don’t mix the cookware during cleaning. keep aside the aluminum pots and pans. after cleaning other dishes then try to clean them as most of the time we cook the oily food inside this type of cookware.

Try to clean the pans immediately or fill the warm or cold water inside, and keep it aside for 10-15 minutes. Then wash it off.

Avoid toxic dish soap if possible.  Use a good quality cleaner otherwise after cleaning you’ll get a rainbow-ish surface of aluminium pans which basically reacts with oxide particles.

Avoid Detergent, Use Soapy Water

Most of the cookware can be clean in a dishwasher that has a liquid base. But It is recommended to avoid detergent.

As using detergent can keep a long scratch in the pot it looks poor over time.

Using soap is safe and less risky.

Just take a moderate amount of soapy base on your sponge then rub the pan or pot surface gently. Detergent is convenient to use in clothes so don’t mix it while cleaning your aluminum dishes.

Clean With Excellent Cleaner

The homemade ingredient or cleaner works good to clean your pot and pans, But sometime can’t remove the stains and greasy feel from the surface. In that case, picking up a great quality cleaner is a must!

Well, I said it is a must if you really want to use your favorite pan and pot for a long time!

Previously I suffered a lot to get a great cleaner for my cookware and then finally I stick with 2 great products that actually work as a lifeguard for my pans and pots!

Those are Weiman Stainless Steel Sink and Pots & Pans Cleaner and Polish & Flitz Brass and Copper Tarnish Remover.

I think you already understand why I showing them off as a lifeguard.

Both of the products are not just a cleaner but they may polish the surface as well.

Clean With Baking Soda

Avoid using bleach or other harmful household product to clean your aluminum cookware. They will darken the surface and react a lot.

Instead of that, you can use baking soda to remove the stains without damage.

The easy and safe method is to boil water and remove the food waste first. Clean the waste with soapy water.

Finally, treat with baking soda liquid to remove the stains.

Spread the liquid base for 5-7 minutes, and wipe it down with a paper towel until it becomes shiny again. Then rinse the pot or pan with standing water.

Vinegar Save Aluminum Pots and Pans Uniquely

Cooking acidic dishes can break down the material, so on a daily basis, you should clean the cookware with a dishwasher and avoid cooking acidic food that can react badly.

 Some particular sauces contain acidic form and hold them long-term stains after cooking.

Cleaning with only the dishwasher won’t save it for a long time.

In this case, vinegar can clean up the wastage easily and remove the stains as expected. It combines dirt & stain removing chemical formula that never harms the metal itself.

 It effortlessly reduces stubborn stains if you soak it overnight with vinegar.

Easy Peasy Stain Remove With Hot Water & Salt 

The most strange fact is that most people won’t prefer to clean their aluminum pots and pans perfectly just because they feel the hardest part to clean it as sometime the downside surface also hold an oily, sticky float.

For that reason, the pots and pans will discolor over the time and leave the dangerous bacteria inside.

Salt and hot water treat aluminum cookware to fight the hazardous bacteria.

Just dissolve the salt inside warm water and pour it inside a greasy aluminum pot rub it to remove the stubborn stains.

This process would help you more to reduce strains after a while.

Use Expensive Dryer Sheet To Clean Aluminum Cookware

This process could be extremely expensive for some people. Using a dryer sheet to clean aluminum pots and pans is really easy than others. 

You just need to wet the sheet and scrub it directly in the pot. Nothing can harm it, but purchasing a dryer sheet in a month is quite costly.

But this process would keep you satisfied a lot!

Make A Great Use Of lemon Juice 

That overrated cleaning process is my favorite! 

Though 70% of people love to use lemon juice after washing their cookware as it keeps the pots and pans revived. 

Using lemon juice after a deep wash can add a fresh scent to the cookware that would help you a lot to maintain a hygiene cook.

DIY Cleaning Hacks!

This DIY Method is another inexpensive way to clean your aluminum cookware without any hassle. In a bottle pour some water, vinegar, and baking soda and mix up the solution. keep it inside your kitchen and spray the solution after every wash and then rinse it with water. It will remove the sticky feel from cookware. so simple!

You don’t have to deal with greasy, dirty and strained aluminum cookware anymore!

How to clean vintage aluminum cookware?

As I mentioned in the article about how you can clean your aluminum cookware, so I think it’s quite clear to us about cleaning vintage aluminum cookware too!

A little bit different is here how you need to deal with vintage ones!

  • Clean the vintage aluminum pots or pans mixing dishwasher and cooking oil.
  • Keep it in the solution for 2-3 hours. Let it soak deeply
  • Scrub the surface with a soft scrubber. Let the dirt and stains removed with the rinse of standing water
  • Keep the cookware in a spot where sunlight can pass easily. Let them dry in a sunny place

Final Verdict

A home is the heart of everyone, and a home does not make a soothing vibe just with nice decor, more space and the family member belongs there.

Maximum time the kitchen explores your taste and classy vibe by showing off how much you’re organized and how you keep the accessories clean.

I hope all of the cleaning tips above this article will make you understand how you should deal with your expensive, daily and rarely used cooking pot and pans.

Stay clean and make life more comfortable just by maintaining a few essentials that can keep the home, kitchen and your favorite things more outstanding.

You can try out the DIYs, cleaning gel, hot water and anything I recommended to deal with a aluminum cookware for a long-long time!