How to Increase Water Pressure in Kitchen Sink Easily

How to Increase Water Pressure in Kitchen Sink

Last year I got a major headache when I had to call a plumber to check some issues inside the kitchen that actually made me insane! Within 5 minutes he solved it and I paid off a big amount for that.

What an awful story!

I didn’t know why, but some disaster happens there.

On that nice sunny day, I wanted to enjoy some cookies with my children but in the middle of the processing time my sink clogged badly, eventually, I felt the water pressure on my sink wasn’t performing well enough for a few days.

What a bad day for me! Imagine the same happens to your kitchen. Is that satisfy you during the cooking time?

I think nobody can be satisfied with this terrible situation.

The plumber repaired it within a few minutes and I had to pay a handsome amount for this disaster. This is not just the first time, Before 2 to 3 months it happened randomly and we suffered a lot.

Then I realize I should be more careful about the sink and I need to know the reason behind this. However, I started to study more and watched the tips from youtube and from other resources.

Lastly, I felt that calling a plumber can’t be the solution always. I should know how to fix low water pressure in my kitchen sink and sometimes it’s also important to know How to increase water pressure in kitchen sink to get better performance.

When we will be fully aware of handling this situation, then we can also get our expected quality of life inside our kitchen.

Then I came up with my full experience with no more low water pressure in the kitchen sink.

Here, I’ll share you with my experience with getting rid of low pressure in a sink to the current situation of my kitchen sink. But from the very beginning, I want to share with you some basics about water pressure in a sink.

Why The Trouble Is Always In The Kitchen Sink!

Except for my kitchen sink, all of the sinks in my house perform well. If I’m not wrong, probably we use this sink in our whole house more than any other.

And that’s why the trouble is really big when it is clogged or the water pressure is really low inside the sink.

Most of the time the solution is super easy, but we didn’t know properly what we should do, or what shouldn’t.

If you are peeping inside this solution guide, I must say that you’ll be amazed to know everything and I know all of you will start to maintain your sink properly after that.

Flow Of Slow Water Pressure Is Frustrating

When the water pressure is slow it might take the longest time to clean the kitchen sink drain, even doing your most basic things like washing dishes, fruits or other necessary things during a low water pressure can be frustrating.

You have to wait a long to complete.

But will you really like to wait too long to complete this type of task?

Usually, people never love to stay long filling their kettle up or cleaning their dishes in the sink when the fallen water stays on the top of the sink and goes down like a slow turtle.

Most Common Reason Behind Low Water Pressure And The Solution You Need

I hope sharing the common causes that affect your sink with low water pressure can relate to you as you’re experiencing the same. If the reason matches your current condition, congratulation I was the same person as you.

But the very first I will say that before panicking about it, check if the water pressure in the sinks of your whole house is the same or if it is just the kitchen sink that has slow water pressure. If the water pressure is slow in your whole house it’s normal. But if it’s just the kitchen sink then the headache is real.

The common reason will give you insight into why your sink frequently gets clogged, water pressure is low and how you can increase the water pressure in your sink. Hope that will be giving you the exact vibe of what you need to do next!

Clogged Aerator Messed All

While the sink is getting worse with low water pressure, the reason can be many depending on the situation of others.

Ah! low pressure in the sink, but the whole house pressure is high. What pitiful story is this?

The most frequent cause of low water pressure is a clogged aerator or a sink that can hold on to the water due to a clogged cartridge.

Now a question can arise in your mind. What is an aerator?

The aerator is a part that stays on the end of the faucet. Not necessarily the drain can frustrate you with a little piece of the trash sometimes slow running water from the clogged faucet can ruin your day.

Aerator gets blocked gradually because of water with higher minerals stuck on the faucet and clogs it easily.

So, if you’re having trouble in your sink, try to clean the clogged aerator.

Clean The Clogged Aerator To Increase Water pressure

To clean your clogged aerator you have to do just a simple task.

All you need to do is open up the screw that joint between the last part of the faucet.

Then scrub it gently with an old toothbrush.

Also, you can keep the aerator inside a vinegar and water mixture, if you want to keep it properly washed, Then follow the same process to brush it up with a toothbrush.

Make sure you brushed the filter well.

Clogged Cartridge Is Another Headache

If you clean your aerator properly in a month or whenever you feel it needs to be clean and still observed that the water pressure in your sink is low, then it may happen to a clogged cartridge.

Basically, a cartridge is located at the base of your faucet’s handle.

It helps to open the valve and after opening up it lets water flow from the faucet.

As I said before that there are so many heavy minerals contained inside the water. It can be clogged inside the cartridge too.

Secure Your cartridge for Maximum Water Pressure

Fixing a clogged cartridge is a bit complicated. To fix it up you have to close the supply of water to the faucet first.

Firstly you need to remove the handle from the faucet. it’s not as tough as you taught. Just unscrew it and the handle will be removed.

Now do the same thing that I already mentioned to clean a clogged aerator.

If you think the O-ring seal needs to replace then just find out the good one from your nearest hardware store.

Ask to give you an O-ring rubber seal for the cartridge and replace it with your old one.

Blocked Supply Line Make A Worse Situation

When it seems like all of the faucet parts are ok including the cartridge and aerator, The next worst thing that can block water supply is the supply line. A broken chunk from the sink or debris can clog the pipes.

Most of the time it happens to us and we call a plumber to fix it up. Sometimes it’s pretty difficult to deal with a blocked supply line.

Check Whether The Supply Line Is Ok Or Not

If the issue is troubling you sometimes, the first thing you should do is to stop the water supply.

You can easily do that as the valve is located at the bottom of the sink.

Now it can be a real mess if you are not following the rest of this as I will describe.

after that, you have to place a bucket to reduce the water and other spills. After that join the section and turn the water supply again. If the problem is still there and the water flow is as usual then you should take help from a professional. Nothing is in your hand. It’s time to call a plumber.

Pipe Is Damaged Somewhere In The Supply Line

Low water pressure can easily damage pipes or leak them anytime somewhere in the water supply line. Low water pressure, it may affect your whole house with limited water. Suppose your kitchen pipe leaked somehow, you’ll see that the other water line will also perform the same for the low pressure.

Leaking water pipes is a common issue in the kitchen. It can leak at any time. This problem mostly happens whenever your pipes are getting old. Sediments, corrosion, and debris can stuck in the hole of the water line and break the seal. Minerals and cast iron lead to blocking the pipe and that’s why your kitchen faucet performs poorly with low water pressure.

Call a Certified Plumber to help you out

If you think all of these problems can only solve with some DIY then it’s really not going to happen.

If you feel that the problem is inside the faucet pipe, immediately call a certified plumber and only he can help you out from this situation. At the same time, he can give you the solutions to increase water pressure not only in your kitchen sink but also for the whole house.

Problem Inside Pressure Reducing Valve

Mostly we have known the part as PRV and it’s a valve that controls the water pressure which directly comes from the urban supply.

I know finding the exact parts that I mention will be quite tough for you. Let me describe what it looks like. 

This valve is a ball-shaped and adjust with a screw on the top

Adjust Pressure Reducing Valve To Increase water pressure

Remove the PRV retaining clip and loosen the screw a bit. Again turn the screw cap and try to observe whether the water pressure is now ok or not.

Initially, it will work for almost everyone. but if this method doesn’t work for you you should change the valve taking the help of a plumber.

Maybe It is Just The Location You Choose

I’ve already mentioned all of the technical things that can be the reason for the low water pressure in your kitchen. Sometimes the problem is not the technical one, it can be where your house is located. Water pressure can happen to gravity and the distance too. If your house is located uphill and the municipal water supply is from a long distance then you have to deal with this situation.

But there also have a better solution for you!

You just need to install a booster pump that will increase the flow of water pressure lately.

Though the process is a bit costly, yet the result won’t disappoint you anymore.

Final Verdict

Low water pressure can ruin your day like mine. as I told instead of calling a plumber you should try it out on your own. because most of the time the problem is not that big. The maximum problem of the low water pressure in the kitchen can be solved easily by doing above mentioned things. If you can solve the problem alone then you don’t have to spend much on that. Just get the right tools to work and boom!

But obviously, sometimes you have to call the plumber to fix it up. Don’t hesitate to call a professional one. Otherwise, the day and the whole house can be messed up at any time.

Also, try to keep the faucet clean and sometimes clean it yourself to prevent the problem. If you care more, things will last more.

If you can prevent the low water pressure problem, the flow of water pressure will increase automatically. Then you don’t need to stand in front of the sink for the longest time to complete a single task anymore!