How To Use Non induction Cookware On Induction Cooktop

I would love to say that the most innovative cooking technology on the market is the Induction cooktop. With so many advantages, this superior technology benefited us every single day.

I find out that most house has an induction cooker nowadays which makes life easier than before.

It takes less time to cook and keep your cookware stainless, dark downside free and comparatively express a great taste of the house owner with a smart kitchen.

Using this type of cooker this great technology only allows cookware that matches the requirement of an electric cooktop.

I believe that you own an excellent induction cooktop in your house, yet it bothers you because not all type of pots and pans fits it.

Do you really have the perfect idea of how to use non-induction cookware on induction cooktop? Is it flawlessly manageable?

If cooking on the same pot over and over makes you frustrated then from here you’re going to get compatible solutions!

But before that let me give you a basic insight into induction cooktops if you’re new to these kitchen accessories, yet love to cook yummy dishes in the teeny-weeny time.

How To Use Non induction Cookware On Induction Cooktop

What Is An Induction Cooktop?

A cooking surface that conducts the heat with the help of electromagnetic and it contains a coil, electricity to create a magnetic field inside the top of the circle where you should plate the pot or pan that is compatible to cook.

How Induction Cooktop Works?

An electrical Fast-moving wave generates the heat on the top of the cooktop and this wave generates the current in the metal that you place on the top. If you put cookware on the top, it absorbs the energy and creates electricity.

The induction cooktop has so many advantages that it won’t make a scratch on enamel coating or ceramic cookware even this cooktop prevents dangerous elements from food.

Compatible Cookware For Induction Cooktop

Stainless steel, cast iron and carbon cookware are safe to use on induction cooktop if it has a magnetic bottom.

You should check whether the bottom is magnetic or not with a magnet bar.

If you think the pan which has a non-stick coat, works on the induction cooktop, then you’re absolutely wrong!

Non-stick coated can’t distribute electromagnetic fields as it contains aluminum. The coating can be peeled anytime.

The downside of a ceramic coating pan or pot can’t work better on the induction cooktop.

If you use the wrong cookware that can be harmful as it can react badly to acidic food like sauce, vinegar, and others. A small amount of metal can extremely harm our health. It may affect our health, lead to kidney failure, high pressure, cancer and much more!

How To Use Non Induction Cookware On Induction Cooktop

Induction cookware has a metal layer. That contains 2 layers of metal and an induction system looks to pass the electric energy into the layer. Steel bottomed required for induction.

Nickel, aluminum or copper cookware is induction-ready cookware.

Anyway, nickel is the best suited for cooktops, but sometimes it’s costly to purchase another one if you need to change it.

Copper cookware sometimes reacts on the cooking hob but the percentage is not so high. So you can also use a copper pan or pot on an induction cooktop.

Turn a Regular Cookware Into Induction Ready Cookware

I love to cook new recipes on my holidays, so finding out what works best for me and which will be more convenient, take less time to cook, and doesn’t harm or stain my cookware anymore is my prime thought.

All type of pan and pot works for the gas stove but when it’s about the induction cooktop, things get more complicated.

But, from next… you never get it troublesome anymore…

Use Convert Disk On Downside

A converter disk is something that allows you to make any pan or pot useable for an induction cooktop. It is made of stainless steel or iron, looks like a flat base and has a heatproof handle that is easy to hold.

This flat converter disk can easily distribute heat throughout the pan and you can effortlessly place it over the cooking hob.

You can find it on the market, but make sure you get the one that is strong enough and easy to handle with great features.

You can also find some low-quality converter disks, but I won’t recommend anybody to get this type of converter disk as they don’t have a heatproof handle, which may be harmful to your hand.

Personally, I use this Heat Diffuser Stainless Steel Induction Diffuser Plate converter disk when I cook with non-induction cookware.

It has 3 layers that can control the heat. You can also use it on your gas stove or burner. This one can evenly distribute the heat and you can cook more with less energy and heat.

Apply Computer Thermal Paste

This one is a great solution if you want to look for a quick solution and one-time solution.

Apply a moderate amount of computer thermal paste on the downside of the cookware and place it on the converter disk.

This process will create metal energy between the layer and spread it all over the pan or pots.

Though this process is not always good to go…. and that’s why I’m saying that it’s a one-time solution.

As the thermal paste can break over time during cooking, you have to re-apply if you want to cook next time.

Use Netted Steel

I found another amazing trick throughout YouTube videos.

and I tried it 2 or 3 times before. You can use netted steel. This type of steel is usually used for windows and doors. But it works absolutely fine on a cooking hob.

You just have to double fold the netted steel and place it on the induction cooktop and then place the non-induction cookware there.

You can find this type of netted steel from any hardware store near you.

Still, I would like to say that this method is not safe enough compared to the converter disk. As it’s just a trick you can try out one time or in any emergency case. But you should get a converter disk for the long run.

Final Verdict

Induction cooktops can easily save your money and energy if you get the right one for you. But investing in new pots and pans without better ideas can make your life more costly. Before getting any cookware for your induction cooktop ensure that is compatible or not.

But remember that never use any copper or aluminum-based metal directly on the cooking hob. It can be extremely risky and any type of accident can occur at any time.

So, the best long-term solution is to get limited pieces of induction cookware and get one converter disk which is beneficial for a kitchen accessories lover.