20 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes You Should Check Out

Life can be a little crazy at times, so much that I don’t get to spend as much time in the kitchen as I would love to. Fortunately for me, every time I need a quick fix of something delicious, I have my pressure cooker to rely on to get the job done.

Because of the minimal effort required to whip an awesome meal with these lifesavers, they have become incredibly popular. When you are done in a couple of minutes, your food will taste as if it took you the whole day to prepare.

Often, people who get their pressure cookers for the first time have a hard time figuring what to do with them. Perhaps out of fear of having all your beans end up on the ceiling, or your eyebrows being blown off, you are still looking for the most opportune time to use your new appliance.

If you are looking to put your cooker to good use, I would love to share with you 20 of the best pressure cooker recipes I have gathered over time. These should help you whip up a savory dinner in no time.

20 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes You Should Check Out

20 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes

1. Japanese Pressure Cooker Beef Curry

You won’t truly appreciate how good Japanese curry is until you get a taste. This addictive, deep, thick, and rich recipe consists of a blend of complex flavors. It is provided by AMY + JACKY recipes and entails the story of how the idea of the spicy pressure cooker recipe came about.

Actually, this recipe is a recreation of one of the most highly rated beef stew curries from Japan. Whenever I fancy going down memory lane on my trips to Japan, I use this recipe to whip up a tasty dinner using everyday ingredients.

With this recipe, you should be done in at most 45 minutes. The result is a food rich in flavors, addictive texture and aroma, tender meat, and melted cheese for extra creaminess. Despite the time and tenderness demanded by this recipe, once you taste the end product, you would prepare it over and over again.

When doing my research for these recipes, I came across quite a good number of rave reviews about this particular recipe. Especially the secret ingredient of caramelized onion puree that gives the recipe its great taste. The storyline behind the recipe is also a great one that makes for a good fantasizing time during meals.

2. Pressure Cooked Beef Bourguignon Recipe

Have you been looking for a modern way of recreating this French classic? Well, your pressure cooker is as good as it comes for this recipe. This French delicacy is a sure hit whenever spring finds me in the mellow country. If you feel an urge to make a quick beef Bourguignon in between embrace and love, then this recipe is a welcome reprieve.

Here is the deal. The traditional Boeuf Bourguignon is in itself one really good tasting meal. Now you can imagine how good this is, with minor tweaks here and there. The preparation time is usually in under 2 hours.

As the pressure cooker does its thing with the beef, you can have a little of your time. For those who are used to the cookbook version that involves marinating, browning, then stewing the meat, you will be surprised at the bang that results from this French meal.

The major ingredients needed for this recipe are beef raised from sustainable farming and your favorite wine. Any reasonably priced wine will do. Plus, the cooking requires about 2/3 of the whole bottle, so you’ll use the rest to do whatever pleases you.

Here is a detailed list of ingredients and the cooking procedure for this pressured cooked Beef Bourguignon.

3. Old Fashioned Pressure Cooker Roast

This old-fashioned roast meat is a classic example that has been a favorite among tons of families. It’s a one-pot meal consisting of roast and vegetables created by Julie Espy. As a pot roast enthusiast, I never miss preparing this recipe whenever I have the time to create something finger-licking.

Derived from a cookbook, the result is a tender, flavorful, and comforting combination of beef and a host of other ingredients. The addition of carrots and potatoes added increases the nutritional and tastiness of the recipe and also cook well.

A touch of gravy brings the ingredients together in an explosion of taste that makes me seem not to stop taking a bite at the cooked beef. Cooked as the main dish, it has a preparation time of about 35 minutes, a subsequent cooking time of 1 and a half hours. This brings the total time to 2 hours and 5 minutes. It may seem like a long while, but your efforts will 100% pay off.

For the lovers of American cuisines looking for a way of converting recipes that usually take the whole day to make, then this cooker roast is an ideal option. By using a pressure cooker, you considerably shorten the cooking time from several hours to just about 2 hours.

4. Pressure Cooker Lemon Chicken

A pressure cooker hastens the usually slow cooking process of a slow cooker. It is also a simple process too. When using a slow cooker to braise meat, the process takes several hours. However, with a pressure cooker, you can achieve the same results way faster than before.

All that’s required of you is to put the ingredients together in the pressure cooker, tighten the lid on, and then wait for the food to cook. It is basically that simple. This recipe for braised lemon chicken is from Real Housemoms and usually gets ready in just about half an hour.

Without using the pressure cooker, you would have to first brown the chicken then finish by browning it in the oven. While the pressure cooker also requires you to first brown the chicken for the crisp skin and a little color, it still takes considerably a shorter time to cook.

The good thing with using a pressure cooker is that you can use it for browning. This means you do not have to use an extra pan that means more cleaning work thereafter.

If you follow the provided instructions to the latter, then you will have a bright flavored, tender, and moist chicken for dinner. Adding salty olives and tangy lemon then serving with something like rice completes your quickly put up meal.

5. Mexican Pulled Pork Pressure Cooker Recipe

Also known as pork carnitas, this recipe works great on an instant pot, ensuring you don’t stay hungry for too long. The pulled pork can then be served with and not limited to taco salads, bowls, burrito, and tacos.

Additionally, this recipe can also be served with cilantro lime rice. For the best cooking results, use boneless shoulder pork. The amount used too will depend on the servings required. Moreover, the list of ingredients required for the recipe is readily available for an extra taste you desire.

Cooking time is about 80 minutes which might seem like a lot, but is nothing compared to the 8 hours it would take when cooked using a slow cooker. Nutrition-wise, this every serving ooze calories, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and fibers. There is a bit of cholesterol to deal with.

Better yet, the cooked pork is freezer-friendly in case you have leftovers after dinner. Skinny Taste has a great outline of everything you need to prepare to whip up this recipe in 80 minutes. Different variation exists for Mexican Pulled Pork Carnitas, but this one is definitely a yes for me.

6. Zucchini Basil Soup Recipe

Ask anyone around what their favorite pressure cooker recipe is, and they will probably talk of a meat-laden stew or a large roast of meat. Nevertheless, a veggie soup can do too and forms the perfect light meal to kickstart any dinner time.

A warm cup of soup is the right stimuli for your body on those chilly and moody evenings. This simple soup recipe is suitable for all the seasons. It also requires a few ingredients including basil and fresh zucchinis. It’s even a plus for you if you have a thing for soup.

There are times when zucchinis overflow in the market, making it a perfect time of the year to try this out for the first-timers. All that extra freshies you buy shouldn’t go to waste, right? Plus, it gives you a reason to visit the market once in a while. You know how charming these places and the farmers can be at times?

My Food Story finishes off the recipe with parmesan, sour cream, and yogurt. You can add all these after the food has cooked in a pressure cooker. For the perfect wholesome lunch or dinner, this soup recipe is ideal for pairing with a sandwich or even grilled meat.

7. Blueberry Cornmeal Breakfast Cake

A pressure cooker for preparing breakfast, anyone? No one? I thought so. It is a rarity to find anyone whipping up their breakfast using a pressure cooker. This effective cooking appliance has been a reserve for churning out dinner and not breakfast. However, did you know it does the latter too?

Another reason I have warmed up to this recipe is the data that shows how we often eat less for breakfast. I must admit I am also one of those who at times wish I had enough time in the morning to make a decent breakfast meal every day.  But the crazy life I live only permits me to do so maybe twice a week.

On those rare occasions, cake for breakfast is a surety. I make sure these cakes include maple syrup or honey, a hearty grain, fruit, proteins, and fibers. This recipe enables me to combine all these into a delicious cake that is totally acceptable for breakfast.

I know it may sound far-fetched, but this cornmeal cake can be totally baked in your pressure cooker in addition to a bowl and springform pan. When under pressure after closing the lid, the ingredients puff up beautifully.

Drizzling and steaming the cake with honey as Kitchen Cat illustrates makes the cake extra delectable for a routine breakfast treat.

8. Teriyaki Chicken Wings Pressure Cooker Recipe

Individuals who use pressure cookers are an awesome bunch of people. We always share pressure cooking tips and recipes with one another. It betters our cooking skills every time, while also modifying prior recipes to turn them into fantastic meals.

This particular recipe is for quickly prepping chicken wings into a delicious sauce in your pressure cooker for about 7 minutes. Within this time, the chicken wings become juicy and tender. In order to make them sweet and sticky, the chicken wings are then crisped in the oven after removing them from the pressure cooker.

The recipe for making the Teriyaki Chicken Wings from a pressure cooker is well articulated with pictures for reference. While the indicated quantities may not be sufficient for your whole family or might be too much, it is still possible to multiply or reduce the amounts.

Also, you do not have to marinade the chicken wings overnight for the crisp taste. As the oil heats, have the wings and drums marinade. It saves you on valuable time. Similarly, the chicken wings do not have to be defrosted in order to cook well. But I must admit, the sauce tastes better if you allow for the oven time.

9. Pressure Cooker Sauerbraten

There is something often tasty about German cuisines. Nonetheless, some of them take too long to prepare which becomes a deal breaker bar for the impeccable taste that results. The Sauerbraten pressure cooked meal is one of the delightful German-made delicacies.

Normally, it takes between 5 and 10 days to bring out the distinctive Sauerbraten flavors. Let’s face it, your patience won’t last for that long just for a bite of your favorite German mealtime. That’s where this recipe comes in handy. It takes a mere 2 hours to re-create the same great taste as that of the 5-10 days cooked Sauerbraten.

What you need to actualize the recipe is 1 bay leaf, 4 whole cloves, 4 whole peppercorns, ground ginger, salt, sugar, white vinegar, boneless beef, carrots and egg noodles among others. These would make enough food for up to 4 people. Once you have every requirement, the preparation time is 20 minutes followed by another standing cook time of 20 minutes.

For the step by step guidance on how to make this recipe, the good folks at Taste of Home have you covered. I derived this recipe from them. While at it, you might opt to use red wine and apple cider vinegar for a deep, dark brown traditional sauerbraten color.

10. Pressure Cooker Chili

Here is a hearty recipe for the cool winter days when you crave the comfort of simple beans and beef chili. What’s more, you will be done in under an hour. Derived from Texas Chile Con Carne, an ancient American delicacy dating back to the 1800s, this recipe rolls back the time quite literally.

Up to now, opinions still differ as to what should actually comprise this recipe. There is still debate whether the beans and tomatoes should be excluded from the ingredients. By eliminating these two, you then remain with the chunks of beef, chilies, and the spices.

If there is one thing I love about pressure cooker recipes, it’s the ability to customize them in as many ways as you want. That’s why this one has its own twist in including cooked beans in it, together with a raft of other spices.

This recipe consists of ground moist beef, cooked beans (soaked in umami sauce), jalapeno, cheese, and green onions. The jalapeno has to be diced and the cheddar cheese grated so as to brighten the flavors.

There are plenty of reasons to enjoy the pressure-cooked chili. For one, it only takes about 45 minutes, meaning it can be prepared during weekdays. Secondly, it is satisfying as the taste explodes in your mouth. Thirdly, you can prepare the meal way ahead, then reheat before serving. Here are the instructions on how to go about the cooking.

11. Pressure Cooked Meatballs Soaked in Easy Tomato Sauce

The juicy texture and the burst of smoky flavors make this recipe a must try out for the foodie you. In case you are extremely hard pressed for time, then you can make it well ahead or in large batches then keep it in the freezer to be warmed and served during the hectic nights. It retains the flavor inside the freezer for almost 3 months straight.

If by any chance you had frozen the meatballs, you can reheat them while in the frozen state inside the pressure cooker. Use the high-pressure setting for a maximum of 10 minutes before quick releasing the steam. Confirm if they are ready for serving by checking their internal temperatures to be not less than 1450 F.

These delicious meatballs are so juicy that you’ll have to fend off a few grabbers before they reach the dinner table. Then there is the endless supply of things that greatly accompany your juicy meatballs. They can be served together with polenta, pizza, subs, slider, pasta, spaghetti, or choose to enjoy them on their own.

Since the juice from the meatballs continuously escapes into the easy tomato sauce, you have to serve them as soon as possible. Otherwise, if you love your meatballs less juicy, then allow for a 30 minutes warming time as the juice oozes out into the sauce.

12. Pressure Cooker Mac and Cheese Recipe

How does a hot elbow macaroni soaked in creamy cheddar cheese sound for a late-night treat? And when sprinkled with golden breadcrumbs, bits of bacon, and crunchy scallions, then you have the ultimate treat for the whole family, including kids.

In the United States alone, Mac and Cheese are one of the most popular recipes for making cheese among households. When we were kids, Mac and Cheese were among the favorite treats packed in little blue boxes. I think it was due to the ease of making them for a snack after school.

While this option came prepacked, most of us waited until later in our lives to make a real Mac and Cheese with a rich creamy finish. I fell in love with this recipe for the very first time that I successfully made it. This was made possible following the instructions from AMY + JACKY Pressure cook recipes.

The pleasure derived from the comforting deliciousness might make you think you are crazy or out of sorts. A complex mouthfeel leads you to try out the recipe on more than one occasion in your lifetime. Moreover, if you can find 50 minutes required to cook the meal, then it can be great for lunch, dinner, side dish, and birthday parties.

13. Pressure Cooker Rice Pudding

Pressure cooking recipes wouldn’t be complete without a dessert recipe. An instant pod makes for a convenient way of making old-fashioned rice pudding, but with a modern creamy finish. And because the cooking is done on an instant pot, it readies within minutes.

Different people have a variant of making rice pudding with their instant pots. After learning of this recipe and applying it for a while, I have a feeling that’s it is the best for rice pudding. Trust me, I have tried out a couple of others, but none quite appeals like it.

Because of the versatility of the recipe, virtually any type of rice can be used without the need for using cream. The difference comes in the cooking time, depending on the type of rice used. For instance, using brown rice then necessitates that you increase the amount of heating time.

I prefer my rice a little warm (neither cold nor hot), so I let it cool after removing the rice from the cooker for about half an hour. Thereafter, it becomes the right eating temperature and consistency for me. However, you can still either serve it while hot or let it cool completely. Again, feel free to ignore the raisins if you so wish to.

Another tip is to use cold milk to make the pudding thinner after having it in the refrigerator over the night. This is especially important if you leave leftover for the following morning’s breakfast. Here is the actual recipe for this rice pudding.

14. Pressure Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken

Have you been ordering Honey sesame chicken takeout? Well, now you don’t have any reason to, provided you have an instant pot back at home. If you and your friends are anything like mine, by the time everyone decides on what they’ll be having, you could be having your better tasting sesame chicken finished and served.

With your pressure cooker, you have essential cookware for making your beloved Asian carry-out meals at the comfort of your home. Plus, it would always taste better than the takeout that often uses underhand cooking methods. You could be enjoying sticky, sweet, tender bite sizes of chicken.

A friend once asked me to do some research for her on how to convert this recipe from the usual slow cooker to a pressure cooker. In the course of my research, I came across this recipe from Pressure Cooking Today. It’s an easy one to make, takes a short time to be ready, and is loved by the whole family.

A maximum cooking time of 25 minutes sounds good to me. Better still, do not throw away any remnants after dinner. It will taste even better than before when saved for the following day’s lunch.

15.Pinto Bean and Chard Burritos Pressure Cooker Recipe

Do you fancy some meatless pinto bean and chard burritos? Here is an ideal solution for an on the go dinner set. If you are the type of person of who loves minimizing on the number of dirty pans you’ll have to deal with later, then mix everything together in an instant pot and let it do its magic.

It’s not easy sailing though. There is a bit of some work for you to do since a pressure cooker still hasn’t figured out how to either crisp the shell or wrap a burrito at its end. Despite the manual labor, its something that you can easily have under wraps in a couple of minutes until a time when instant pots will have wrapping mechanisms.

So, technically, this recipe is prepared by mostly the pressure cooker (about 90%), then the rest by you and the good old-fashioned oven. I must warn you though; it’s not always the healthiest of meals despite being able to be frozen.

Using ingredients such as brown rice, pinto beans, and greens increases its healthiness as well as its fullness. With a total cooking time of 1 hour, there is no reason for you to miss the loads of nutrients packed into a single serving.

16. Cheesy Egg Bake Pressure Cooker Recipe

First of all, I have had reservations about this recipe until I tried it out. Eggs being so delicate, you would expect the intense heat and pressure generated by an instant pot to be overwhelming for them.

Contrary to popular belief, a pressure cooker actually does the eggs lots of good. The heated moisture generated by the pressure cooker keeps the eggs in a perfectly fluffy condition to your liking. Cheesy and hearty, this recipe only requires 5 ingredients to make. And in 30 minutes, your food will be already on the table.

The process is actually a simple one requiring you to first sauté the bacon in the pressure cooker until crisp. Afterward, chopped veggies are added alongside frozen hash browns. Extra spices such as mushrooms, spinach, onion, and red pepper can be added for a little flare from the recipe.

Getting the cooking right takes a couple of attempts with a number of failures in between. It is especially necessary to get the timing and pressure settings right. This recipe I got from Kitschen Cat should be of great help in saving you some nerve-wracking kitchen moments.

17. Pressure Cooker Salmon with Chili Lime Sauce

It is very probable that you have never tried out flaking out a flavorful salmon in a record 5 minutes from a pressure cooker. It’s a treat that I am sure most of you are unaware of or haven’t got to try it out yet.

Another good news is that there is minimal cleanup to be done when you are through with cooking. After preparing your salmon fish, you can then whip a delicious chili-lime sauce to accompany the meal.

Working the delicate fish fillets at high pressure requires extreme care, and that is why the heating time is short. Otherwise, the salmon would disintegrate if left for too long. For the best results, use the steaming function on the steamer rack. About a cup of water should do for fresh salmon.

On the other hand, if you are using frozen fish, defrost it(them) first before proceeding with your cooking. It’s not only salmon that can be cooked in this way. Other seafood such as prawns, lobsters, crab, mussels etc. can also work.

Another thing, it takes longer for the chili-lime sauce to cook than the salmon. So, the best practice is to start with the chili, just as Savory Tooth explains in this recipe.

18. Tomato Carrot Marinara Sauce Recipe

For the parents who have been searching for a healthy way of sneaking veggies into the kids’ lunch and dinner, here is a way out. A tomato Carrot Marinara sauce conceals the tons of carrots in the sauce, which are healthy for your kids.

It’s not only kids who benefit from this kitchen repertoire, more so on one of those impromptu cooking escapades. Plus, a meatless but plant-based recipe is a welcome relief for vegetarians. Tracing its origins from Naples city of Italy, this favored meal has lots of variants out there.

There are the chunky, smooth blended, with or without onions, fresh herbs, and others with butter. It all depends on the taste of the cook. Once the carrots have softened, they are pureed into a smooth sauce together with other spices such as dried herbs, garlic, and diced tomatoes.

The recipe provided by Letty’s Kitchen makes plenty of tomato carrot marinara, leaving you with plenty of leftovers. So instead of going through the same cooking process the next day, simply freeze the remaining ones and save yourself the hassle.

19. Cherry Almond Oatmeal Recipe

It’s hard not to crave for a satisfying breakfast. This cherry almond oatmeal recipe should be a welcome bowl of sheer goodness. Plus, the pressure cooker makes light work of the cooking process, just as your busy working schedule demands.

After mixing every ingredient into the instant pot, go ahead and set a cooking time of 12 minutes. These ingredients include vanilla almond oil, oats, dried Cherrie, brown sugar, salt, and ground cinnamon.

Afterward, let the pressure release naturally for another 10 minutes. You would then have to quick release any remnant pressure. You can follow these instructions when whipping this recipe.

20. Pressure Cooker Lo Mein

No matter how hard I try, I rarely find a great way of eating my veggies. Apparently, it is not just a kid’s problem anymore as adults also have it. But with this pressure cooked Lo Mein; I have a reason to toss veggies in between the long strands of my noodles for dinner.

Everything cooks together as the water gets used for cooking the veggies so that you don’t have to drain them from the noodles. And whoah, the meal is ready within 30 minutes. Although the recipe bears a close resemblance to the stir friend Chinese Lo Mein, the difference is in the amount of oil used. None is used in this recipe whatsoever.

Kirbie’s cravings recipe is so easy to follow. After gathering all the ingredients, they are sealed in the pressure cooker, then allowed to cook. They become evenly and softly prepared.


There you have it, 20 of the best pressure cooker recipes that I believe you will find fun trying out. I have tried as much as possible to mix different stews so that everyone can have a taste of their favorite meals. You don’t have to routinely prepare stews and beef in your pressure cooker for you to realize its immense potential.

Obviously, I haven’t exhausted all the recipes, so I might have left out some of your favorites. If you have a recipe that you feel should have made the list, kindly hit me up in the comments section as we improve one another’s pressure cooking skills.