Trouble-Free Cleaning Hacks: How To Remove Burn Marks From Glass Cookware

Cooking on different types of cookware actually met my satisfaction.

I love to cook some special foods on glass pans because it conducts heat properly and also those cookwares are oven safe.

Unfortunately, it’s very common for glass cookware while you cook the food, which will burn anyways!

Comparatively glass cookware is very easy to clean than others, but when it’s about the burnt one, you can’t imagine the hardship I faced for the very first time.

Removing burnt food from glass pans are really tough job sometimes.

As glass cookware can absorb more temperature, burnt food can stick on the surface very strong and if you don’t clean them properly the stains will stay forever.

From my very longest experience I came up with the best tips and tricks that will reduce headaches about how to remove burn marks from glass cookware.

I’m pretty sure you’ll be surprised after knowing how those easy tricks save your favorite glass pan easily!

Trouble-free Procedure To Clean Your Burnt Glass Cookware

From my daily life experience, I came up with some best tips to remove stains, burn marks and unnecessary food waste from glass pans. Those effective, easy and trouble-free steps can work best for you as those work outstanding for me as well.

Soak The Pan Into Vinger & Water Solution

Almost all types of cookware can be cleaned using vinegar and water solution. It’s not harmful to the surface of the pan if you soak them into this type of liquid mixture.

Sometimes stains can be removed with plain water, but if the surface has burn marks you should take 1 cup of white vinegar, 4 cups of water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

Mix them all very well and then soak your pan for an hour.

With this easy process, food stains should come off quickly.

But if the mark looks harsher, keep the pan inside the solution for 3-4 hours.

After than long soaking period rub the surface with a soft, non-abrasive sponge.

Use Ammonia and Baking Soda

Nothing works best than baking soda when it comes to stain removal. No matter if you use it for glass cookware or for stained cloth.

Baking soda can easily remove the toughest stains from any surface.

6 months ago I watched a technique from TikTok and tried that to clean my glass bakeware. That baking soda and ammonia washing tips were amazing!

That turned my glass pan spotless and clean for the next use!

You just need to follow those steps-

pour 4 to 5 teaspoons of baking soda, and spray a moderate amount of ammonia spray.

I have used Windex Glass Cleaner With Ammonia-D.

It will be more grate if you use a few drops of dishwashing cleaner.

Take a soft sponge and scrub it properly. Don’t be harsh on your glass pan. And never use any wire-type sponge to clean the stains as it can keep the marks on the surface badly.

As baking soda is abrasive you don’t need to do more work for that.

Just keep them aside rest of 10 minutes after scrubbing.

Now, let’s have a look after washing them with standing water.

I’m pretty sure you’ll love this one more than any tips!

Use Hot Water

Hot water is also a great solution to remove burn marks from glass pans. 

An effortless and very easy step that you can follow after every use!

Boil 3-4 cups of water on the hob or directly boil them inside an oven.

Leave them for 1 hour and then scrub gently, clean with tap water.

Very simple!

I wish this initial step is enough to remove the marks easily.

Use Oven Cleaner For Overnight

Personally, this process is my favorite one. 

Most of the time I follow this process if any of my glass pans burn poorly.

It’s simple, easy and more effective than previous techniques.

Spray an oven or grill cleaner over the pan and leave it overnight.

After the day just washes them with a little amount of dishwashing cleaner.

This will surely remove harsh and bad burn marks or stains from any type of glass cookware.

For more than 1 year I’ve used the Easy-Off Oven cleaner and I think it is an outstanding one that worked great for me.

Things You Need To Remember During Cleaning Glass Cookware

When you are cleaning a glass pan you should always be careful and more concerned about it.

Always Wait To cool the cookware first: If you try to wash a burned glass pan when it’s hot, that can increase the rate of trouble and you can be injured or get burned by that cookware.

Don’t Use Harsh Sponge: using a harsh sponge can be more abrasive for your pans. That can keep scratches on the surface which will ruin the surface easily. Always try to clean with a soft sponge. If you don’t have the soft one I would recommend purchasing one or getting it inside your home, like a fruit bag or soft clothes.

Don’t Scrap The Burn Food With Spoon: when we see our favorite cookware burnt poorly I think most of you are getting mad watching them. Don’t be mad! Take a few minutes to cool it down. If you scrap a burned surface with a spoon that becomes more worst after that. Be very very gentle with what you’re using for your daily life.

Final Verdict

I hope following the above steps would ease your cooking life more effectively and each of the steps is really helpful if you have at least one glass of cookware in your kitchen. Those help me too and I’m sure that will help you too!

I believe that after reading this article you become concerned about your maintenance of different cookware and you don’t have the confusion about burn marks or any stains that can damage the beauty of your glass pan. Let the cooking or baking life be easier than before!